Toys and Games for Kids

Gelli bath

These presents were particularly hot in the Christmas season, but I believe they will carry on being favorite gift items for birthdays and special occasions. Here are the top 5 biggest sellers.

Floating Duck Radio

All kids love rubber ducks or bath toys. This floating duck is not any ordinary duck, it is also a radio with two frequencies - AM and FM. The frequencies and channels can be adjusted by twisting the duck's tail. Radio stations switches on and off by turning the duck's head clockwise and anti-clockwise. That is truly an ingenious way to keep your kids entertained inside the bath and for the adult to take pleasure from their favorite radio station as well. It is an inexpensive gift with amazing sound quality.

Remote Controlled Bumper Cars

From the loving these bumper car rides in the amusement park and now you can engage in them in the ease your own home! Imagine every one of the fun without the knocks and bangs that you might experience behind the wheel. These handy remote control bumper cars race along an even surface. The realistic movements of the cars make crazy turns to try to hit one of their opponent's 3 sensors. Hit all 3 to disable the opponent's car and win the sport.

Sudoku Sudocube

Certain 3D puzzles were highly sought after over the Christmas season. The Sudocube was obviously a best seller. It combines task of the popular sudoku puzzle as well as the fun of a rubik's design. The sudocube isn't just fun, it is also educational and a great way to stimulate and motivate both kids and adults alike.

Slingshot Flying Monkey and Frog

These pretty cheap and fun toys were biggest sellers all year round. There must be something about screaming monkeys and frogs making croaking noises when hoisted in mid-air! Whatever the reason, the slingshot flying monkey and frog are absolutely hilarious, fun along with a must have. The flying monkey is dressed mysteriously in the cape and mask just like a super hero. Both the frog and monkey can fly and travel 50 feet - just put two fingers from the hand pockets, withdraw it's strong elastic arms and let it go.

kids play in gellibaff

Gelli Baff

Imported from the UK, and currently not available anywhere in the US, will be the award winning Gelli Baff! Kids simply can't get an ample amount of Gelli Baff. Simply run your bath 2 or 3 inches deep, turn off the tap, add Gelli Baff and view in amazement as your boring bath water magically turns into a fun thick goo!